We're proud to offer a wide-ranging selection of coating services. We work with a diverse range of customers and can provide coating services for a variety of different purposes. Services we offer include coatings for:

Abrasive Blasting

When corrosion exists and assets need to be protected, abrasive blasting is the method of surface preparation to look to, to ensure the longest coating life. Steel Coatings has experience with various blast media, including garnet, coal slag, and crushed glass, and years of experience with this method of surface preparation.

We own our own abrasive blasting equipment, from the compressor to the nozzle, and the dust collector to the vacuum. Because we have our own equipment and manpower, we can assist you immediately and start your project quickly

Pressure Cleaning

Over time, the overall beauty of new construction fades, corrodes and needs to be refinished. At Steel Coatings we can eliminate mould, grease, oil and grime from concrete, steel, pipelines and tanks quickly and efficiently just with water! Our high-pressure water cleaning equipment is amongst the leaders of the industry and has the power to refinish any surface you need it to.

As always, Ville Industrial Coating follows the latest safety guidelines to ensure both our employees and our customers are protected.

Industrial Spray Painting

The most efficient way of painting a surface is to use airless spray equipment to transfer the liquid paint onto the surface in a fast and consistent way. Steel Coatings uses conventional spray equipment and high-quality airless spray equipment to spray a huge variety of coatings

Plural component Spraying: As the name suggests, plural component coatings are made up of separate elements that aren’t mixed until moments before they are applied. Because the components dry so quickly once mixed, applicators have only seconds to get the paint once it is mixed onto the surface.

Many coating manufacturers now produce fast set coatings because of their quick cure time, high film builds, long service life and quick turnaround time. Painting with plural component coatings requires special skills, equipment and experience and Ville Industrial Coatings has all of these in-house

Fire Proofing

At Ville Industrial Coatings we provide the latest in insulating and intumescent coatings to keep steel structures, vessels, bulkheads, ductwork and piping protected in the extreme temperatures of a fire. Intumescent coatings offer a fire protection rating while having the attractive look of paint.

We work with our customers to devise the best fireproofing solution for their projects, whether it be spray-on or trowel applied fireproofing. Spray-on fireproofing methods improves fire resistance, while decreasing chances of weakening, burning, or melting under extreme heat. Trowel-applied fireproof coatings optimize safety and performance, all while mitigating the risks of downtime, damage, and injury. Steel Coatings has the knowledge, experience, and the capability to evaluate each, and every situation ensure your structure is fireproof.